The "customized" in 3 STAGES


1) For any order to measure, Please fill out this form and attach it to your order.
2) We receive your measurements and we make the boss-canvas that we send you back to try your model to your measurements.
3) After your agreement with the fitting of the canvas, we make your creation embroidered!

If necessary, help you chart measurements "" by clicking on the link below.
BREAST (Bust): tape measure on the brisket.
SIZE BELT: tape measure loosely (though mark the location of the waist encircling a ribbon)
HIPS : tape measure around the hips at the height
LENGTH BODICE FRONT: Shoulder-neck (the bone) to the waist encircled by the ribbon (above the breast)
LENGTH BODICE BACK: Shoulder-neck (arm bone level) to the belted waist in a perfect vertical
SHOULDER LENGTH: shoulder-neck (arm bones level) to the arm
Carrur Back (at chest) under her arm pinned against the body to the other underarm
Carrur BEFORE: (at chest) under her arm stuck to the other underarm
BREAST HEIGHT CLAMP (chest should be well maintained) from the tip of the breast to the waist
BREAST CLAMP GAUGE: Salient breast to the other
DEPTH TO NECK: at the bones of the shoulder-neck to the rounded front of the bone
AROUND THE NECK: tower in the middle of the neck
HEIGHT IN-ARMS: with the flat ruler under his arm tight, the tape measure at the waist rule
HEIGHT HIPS: sitting, the belted waist to the pelvis (the highest)
ARMS LENGTH TO BEND: tip of the shoulder to the elbow
FULL LENGTH ARMS: the tip of the shoulder to the wrist
TOTAL LENGTH ARMS FOLDED: tip of the shoulder to the wrist through the elbow bent
CONTOUR ARMS: around arm at the biceps, arms folded
BEND CONTOUR: round the bend
CONTOUR WRIST: turn of the wrist
SKIRT LENGTH: from the waist to the desired length
DRESS LENGTH: shoulder to desired length
Hips: Measure the top of the hips